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BIS公司由瑞典人羅勃‧馮‧巴爾(Robert Von Bahr)於1974年創立,因地緣與文化背景的關係,致力於北歐及蘇俄作曲家作品,如葛利格、西貝流士、尼爾森等人都是錄製的重點,至今已出版千餘張CD,榮獲英國留聲機大獎、企鵝三星帶花、企鵝三星…等不勝枚舉,是瑞典首屈一指的古典唱片公司。 

BIS Records was founded in 1973 by Robert von Bahr, with the aim of helping world-class Swedish musicians to reach international audiences. Starting out with a Revox tape-recorder, two state-of-the-art microphones and a pair of non-magnetic scissors he immediately impressed connoisseurs by the natural sound of his recordings, and single-handedly built up a catalogue that could be exported all over the world.


Now in its 35th year, BIS is a flourishing and much respected label with more than 1.400 titles in stock – the only large record label to keep all its recordings constantly available. Going against the trend of the classical music business, BIS is expanding in various ways. With its present staff of 14 – including no less than six recording producers – BIS has become a leading player, yearly undertaking some 60 productions recorded all over the world: from Brazil to Japan, from Iceland to Australia.

This development is partly due to the universally recognized superior sound quality of its recordings, which include a growing number of high fidelity surround sound productions. The company’s reputation has attracted an impressive list of artists, including young high profile soloists such as pianist Yevgeny Sudbin and clarinettist Martin Fröst.

Another explanation lies in the label’s versatility. Ongoing projects include one of the most respected cycles of Bach Cantatas with period band Bach Collegium Japan as well as the highly praised series of Beethoven Symphonies with Osmo Vänskä and the Minnesota Orchestra. But at the same time, BIS is one of the liveliest contemporary music labels, promoting composers such as Schnittke and Kalevi Aho, as well as the Scandinavian music label par excellence – the jewel in the crown being the ongoing complete edition of the works by Sibelius.

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低音號狂歡節    Tuba Carnival
佛格斯泰德:混聲合唱阿卡貝拉歌曲全集 Fougstedt:The Complete Songs for Mixed Choir a cappella
Three Songs to texts by Nils Ferlin   2. Tiga blott 1'58   3. I folkviseton 2'1..
佛洛斯特與好友的安可盛宴 Fröst & Friends: Encores
佛洛斯特與好友的莫札特盛宴 Mozart - Martin Fröst
佛漢威廉士:音樂小夜曲、原野之花、五首神秘之歌 / Vaughan Williams: Serenade to Music
佛漢.威廉士:第五號交響曲/芬濟:豎笛協奏曲 麥可.柯林斯 豎笛	Michael Collins plays and conducts Vaughan Williams and Finzi
佛漢.威廉士:第五號交響曲/芬濟:豎笛協奏曲 麥可.柯林斯 豎笛/指揮 (英國)愛樂管弦樂團 The..
佛瑞&法蘭克&普羅高菲夫長笛改編奏鳴曲 莎朗.貝札莉 長笛 阿胥肯納吉 鋼琴 / Sharon Bezaly & Vladimir Ashkenazy / Franck&Faure&Prokofiev: Sonatas
The flautist Sharon Bezaly has, over the past 20 years, released some 40 di..
佛瑞:大提琴音樂作品 布蘭德里德 大提琴 / Andreas Brantelid / Faure – The Music for Cello & Piano
佛瑞:鋼琴音樂  尼可拉.史塔維 鋼琴	Nicolas Stavy / Faure – Piano Music
This recital could almost have been entitled Around Faurein Sixty Minutes, ..
佛瑞、杜魯菲:安魂曲 Faure、Durufle:Requiems
佛瑞《安魂曲 ..