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This boutique French label features a number of world-renowned performers, including pianists Zhu Xiao-Mei, Iddo Bar-Shai, Boris Berezovsky, Claire Desert, Shani Diluka, Brigitte Engerer, Philippe Giusiano, Anne Queffelec, Emmanuel Stosser, harpsichordist Pierre Hantai, Trio Chausson, Ricercar Consort, singers including countertenor Carlos Mena and baritone Jerome Correas, orchestras and ensembles directed by Michel Corboz, John Nelson – and many other fine musicians. Beautifully recorded and packaged, Mirare CDs are highly praised and much awarded.

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(4CD)蒙台威爾第:牧歌集-繁盛藝術古樂團 / Les Arts Florissants / Monteverdi: Madrigali & Selva morale
This box set assembles the complete Monteverdi recordings that William Chri..
2012法國狂熱之日音樂節, 3CD超值套裝 Coffret Folle Journee 2012 (3 CD)
FOLLE JOURNEE 2012 Musique Russe A.Korobeinikov, Orch. Lahti, ..
2013年法國拉羅克當泰龍音樂節 La Roque d'Anthéron 2013  (Korobeinikov 柯洛班尼可夫, 鋼琴)
"The Laroque d'Antheron piano festival is regarded as the most important musical event in classic..
2014年法國拉羅克當泰龍音樂節 La Roque d'Anthéron 2014
"The La roque d'Antheron piano festival is regarded as the most important musical event in classical..
2016年MIRARE精選輯 / La Roque d'Anthéron 2016
In every year, the Roque d'Anthéron I..
66號公路~美國鋼琴音樂 Route 66: American Piano Music
"""Between the East of my youth and the West of my future"" From the incandescence of life to thye ..
A Tiempo /Rosario La Tremendita
  CD I: Symphony No. 1, "Titan" (Royal Philharmonic Orches..
Andre Gide Vol.1/Jean Amrouche (2CD)
Andre Gide Vol.2/Jean Amrouche (2CD)
Bach & Reger:Sonatas & Partitas  巴哈、雷格:無伴奏小提琴奏鳴曲與組曲