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This boutique French label features a number of world-renowned performers, including pianists Zhu Xiao-Mei, Iddo Bar-Shai, Boris Berezovsky, Claire Desert, Shani Diluka, Brigitte Engerer, Philippe Giusiano, Anne Queffelec, Emmanuel Stosser, harpsichordist Pierre Hantai, Trio Chausson, Ricercar Consort, singers including countertenor Carlos Mena and baritone Jerome Correas, orchestras and ensembles directed by Michel Corboz, John Nelson – and many other fine musicians. Beautifully recorded and packaged, Mirare CDs are highly praised and much awarded.

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韓德爾歌劇《瑟蜜蕾》 Haendel / Semele
Mirare presents another fine recording by the talented ensemble Les Ombr..
馬克.韓岱 &皮耶.韓岱 / 巴哈: 長笛奏鳴曲 鍵琴 Marc & Pierre Hantai / J.S. Bach: Sonata for Flute and Harpsichord
Marc and Pierre Hantaï meet for a new fraternal adventure around the tutelary figure of J.S. Bach..