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This boutique French label features a number of world-renowned performers, including pianists Zhu Xiao-Mei, Iddo Bar-Shai, Boris Berezovsky, Claire Desert, Shani Diluka, Brigitte Engerer, Philippe Giusiano, Anne Queffelec, Emmanuel Stosser, harpsichordist Pierre Hantai, Trio Chausson, Ricercar Consort, singers including countertenor Carlos Mena and baritone Jerome Correas, orchestras and ensembles directed by Michel Corboz, John Nelson – and many other fine musicians. Beautifully recorded and packaged, Mirare CDs are highly praised and much awarded.

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巴哈:義大利協奏曲 Bach / Concerto Italien
Intended to 'instruct us and elevate our souls', the ceuvre for keyboard..
巴哈:聖誕清唱劇 Bach / In Tempore Nativitatis
  Comme chaque année, les luthériens fêtent avec éclat et en musique Noël et les deux jo..
巴哈:英國組曲第二、六號 & 義大利協奏曲 Bach:Suites Anglaises Nos 2 & 6 & Italian Concerto
巴哈:觸技與賦格 (CD+目錄) (易梭瓦, 管風琴) Bach  / Toccatas & Fugues (CD-cat.)
"André Isoir has recorded the entire organ works of Bach for calliope. H..
巴哈:郭德堡變奏曲 (朱曉玫, 鋼琴) Bach:Goldberg Variations (Zhu Xiao-Mei, piano)
巴哈:鋼琴作品集 Bach / Oeuvres pour piano
DISC 1 Partita No. 4 en Ré Majeur, BWV 828 (œuvre complète) 1 ..
巴哈:音樂奉獻 Bach / L'Offrande musicale
Sooner or later the Ricercar Consort had to confront the omnipresent spi..
巴拉基列夫:鋼琴奏鳴曲 Balakirev:Piano Sonata
布克斯特胡德:三重奏鳴曲  Buxtehude / Sonates en trio
  1. Sonata in a-moll, buxwv 272: I. [allegro]   2. Sonata in a-mol..
布拉姆斯:第一號B大調/德佛札克:<頓卡>鋼琴三重奏  靈魂三重奏 / Trio Les Esprits / Brahms: Trio N'1 In B Maj. Op. 8 / Dvorak: <Dumky>
A 21 ans, Brahms chante sa jeunesse et les paysages nordiques dans son prem..