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This boutique French label features a number of world-renowned performers, including pianists Zhu Xiao-Mei, Iddo Bar-Shai, Boris Berezovsky, Claire Desert, Shani Diluka, Brigitte Engerer, Philippe Giusiano, Anne Queffelec, Emmanuel Stosser, harpsichordist Pierre Hantai, Trio Chausson, Ricercar Consort, singers including countertenor Carlos Mena and baritone Jerome Correas, orchestras and ensembles directed by Michel Corboz, John Nelson – and many other fine musicians. Beautifully recorded and packaged, Mirare CDs are highly praised and much awarded.

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布拉姆斯、亨德密特:豎笛五重奏 Brahms、Hindemith:Clarinets Quintets
1.  Clarinet Quintet in B Minor Op.115 - Allegro 13'29 2. ..
布拉姆斯、法朗克&德布西:大提琴作品 Brahms, Franck & Debussy: Cello Sonatas
Two of the members of the piano trio Les Esprits [together with Mi-Sa Ya..
布拉姆斯:大提琴奏鳴曲 Brahms / Cello Sonatas
1.  Sonate Pour Violoncelle No.1 Op.38 - I. Allegro Non Troppo 14'4..
布拉姆斯:情歌圓舞曲、匈牙利舞曲 Brahms:Liebesliederwalzer & 10 Hungarian Dances
Piano Music for four hands could be considered as the highest expression of..
布拉姆斯:第二號鋼琴協奏曲 Brahms: Piano Concerto No. 2
Brahms's exhilarating Second Concerto is a sweeting epic combining Class..
布拉姆斯:豎笛奏鳴曲 Brahms / Sonatas for clarinet
Three musician friends meet here for a programme devoted to Brahms’s musical testaments. The twen..
布拉姆斯:鋼琴五重奏 Brahms: Piano Quintet
布拉姆斯:鋼琴作品集 Brahms:Piano Works
庫普蘭: 黑暗日課及經文歌 陰影合奏團 / Les Ombres / Couperin: Lecons De Tenebres & Motets
Following their interpretation distinguished by the criticism of the unknow..
庫普蘭:室內樂音樂集 Les Folies franqoises / Couperin: Portraits Croises (NoMad)
Franqois Couperin, whose 350th birthday we celebrate this year, defined himself as a creator of m..