Gliere, Reinhold (1875-1956) 葛黎雷


Gliere, Reinhold (1875-1956) 葛黎雷


Reinhold Glière (11 January 1875 [O.S. 30 December 1874] – 23 June 1956) was a Russian and Soviet composer of German–Polish descent.

His name has appeared in different forms:

  • At birth, his name was Рейнгольд Эрнeст Глиэр (Reingol'd Ernest Glier).
  • Later, for standardization purposes, his name was converted into Рейнгольд Морицевич Глиэр (Reingol'd Moritzevich Glier).
  • He was referred to in most Western reference works as Reinhold Moritzovich Glière, or simply as Reinhold Glière.